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You know loans.
Comma knows insurance.

Loan Origination can be a tiring rat race affected by the circular nature of the markets. Owning your own insurance agency can be a long-term financial growth strategy to hedge against this uncertainty no matter the state of the market — everyone needs insurance.

Owning a Comma agency is a low-cost, low-risk secondary business that excels financially at the top and bottom of the economic cycles. 

Isn't it time to create a brighter, more secure future for you and your family?


Exclusively for Top Mortgage Loan Originators

Cody Hardridge - 250px

"My partners and I have been doing this for five years. My clients already trust me, we are already going over their insurance along with the rest of their mortgage numbers, and it just makes total sense to offer it to my clients. I spend almost ZERO time working ON this business, I simple have to refer my clients and collect the dividend checks."

Cody Hardridge, co-owner

Sam Bursch - 150px

"One thing I love about my Comma business is that I don't have to spend much time at all. We have s few meetings a year to review performance and referral processes. Other than that, I just bring it up during my initial consultation with my clients and my team actually make he referral connection at the appropriate time in the transaction."

Sam Bursch, co-owner


How It Works

We have spent years perfecting our model to engage top originators from around the country to elevate their clients’ insurance experience while building a growing insurance agency. The team at Comma knows what it takes to make an agency successful.


Reliable Business Model

We’ve proven we build profitable, Loan Originator-owned insurance agencies. That’s why Top Loan Originators from around the country have invested in building Comma Insurance agencies to diversify their balance sheets and provide excellent insurance experiences for their clients.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Whether you’re looking to invest alone or with a group of colleagues, the compounding nature of insurance revenues makes investing in a Comma Insurance agency a solid choice. Join top-tier loan originators who are taking the insurance industry by storm and learn more about starting your own Comma agency.


Perfect Partnership

We’ve said it before. You know loans. Comma knows insurance. When you choose to invest in an insurance agency within the Comma network, your partnership has our full support — including our best-in-class technology, training, carriers, back-office, and practices. It’s a partnership that just makes sense.

Ready to learn more about owning an agency?

You Own it. We Operate it.

Comma agency owners are among the most productive, driven Loan Originators in the country. They are those who take extreme pride in their client’s experiences, confidently demonstrate their ability to consistently deliver superior results, and  prefer betting on themselves rather than someone else. If this sounds like you, you could be a fit for this partnership.

At Comma, we’re dedicated to your success. When you join our network of independently owned Comma Insurance agencies, our interests are aligned with yours. Our shared goal is to help you grow your Comma agency branch into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Division of Duties

Your Role:

  • Fund your new legal entity
  • Receive and review commission/fee reports
  • Stay focused on current business
  • Refer, refer, refer

Comma’s Role: 

  • Obtain your state license and business set-up
  • Research and lease your office space
  • Recruit, train, and coach your producer
  • Provide all IT/Technology infrastructure
  • Manage payroll and benefits
  • Hire/fire employees of your LLC
  • Maintain all carrier relationships
  • Deliver robust customer service for all clients
  • Ensure compliance at all stages of the customer lifecycle
  • Account manage, cross sell, upsell, and renewals

Why Choose Comma?

  • Affordable startup investment
  • Competitive 10/50 fee structure
  • 1.5x revenue guaranteed buyout multiple
  • You call the shots without taking on a “second job”
  • Lean overhead:  just a producer and executive suite


About Comma Insurance

Working with Comma Insurance means more than just getting a client the lowest rate. We know clients deserve a great experience working with their insurance agent. 

When we launched Comma Insurance (Formerly TrustPoint) in 2014, we began delivering on the promise of a friendly, trustworthy, and affordable personal insurance partner, which clients can trust to educate and help them select the proper insurance coverage for their needs. 

From our own personal experiences with multiple insurance carriers, and after speaking with several top mortgage lenders who work with various agencies, we discovered there was a need for an agency to deliver the kind of personalized, professional insurance service and advice both families and individuals deserve.


Our mutual clients can expect: 

  • A courteous, knowledgeable team member always answers phone calls. 
  • Online and email responses within one business day, usually the same day
  • Easy online access to their policies
  • Advice from agents who want to help them understand their coverage, save money, and avoid surprises. 

In addition to our competitive fee structure, we support your agency every step — from setup to producer training, and from providing five-star customer experiences to simple renewal procedures. Our results prove that the Comma model works. This proof is validated by thousands of happy clients and more than 30 locations across the US. We have become one of the fastest-growing insurance organizations.

Grow With Us

  • Licensed in 48 states
  • Agencies in 16 states
  • Nearly 50 Agencies
  • Blue Ocean opportunity

Ready to learn more about owning an agency?